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Healthy Brain Features from Neurology Now®

Protect Your Memory
New evidence suggests that healthy living may help preserve brain power. Read more. 

Eat to Beat Seizures
Doctors and dietitians explain how the high-fat ketogenic diet can help to stop seizures in hard-to-treat epilepsy. 
Read more.

Protect Your Pregnancy
Certain neurologic conditions are treated with drugs that may be dangerous or inappropriate for women of reproductive age. Read more.

Success Stories from Neurology Now

Sharing Her Story
Multiple sclerosis has been a tough teacher, but Ann Romney says it has given her a deeper sense of compassion and empathy. Read more.

Keeping It Real
Johnny Cathcart says his battle with brain cancer inspired him to make films. Read more.

Dig Deep 
A rehabilitation neuropsychologist reflects on the strength and resilience of people reinventing their lives after traumatic brain injury. Read more.

Neurology® in the News 

Can Work Stress Be Linked to Stroke? Read more.

MS May Start Later for Those who Spend Teenage Summers in the Sun Read more

Eating Five Mediterranean Foods May Equal Five Fewer Years of Brain Shrinkage Read more. 

Researcher Feature

Meet Jonathan Lipton, MD, PhD, one of our 2009 research award recipients. Dr. Lipton’s research focused on the crucial role for normal sleep in health and disease and in particular for children with neurodevelopmental disorders. Read more.

Ask a Neurologist

Q. Does having a traumatic brain injury increase the likelihood of getting Alzheimer's disease or another form of dementia?
A. Read more. 

Q. Is there evidence of the benefits of fish oil on the effects of traumatic brain injury
A. Read more. 

Q. Is there a relationship between the length of time being in a coma after a traumatic brain injury and the prognosis?A. Read more. 

Have a question related to sleep disorders? Here’s a chance to submit your question about sleep disorders to a leading neuroscience professional from the American Academy of Neurology. Email us with your question.

November 2015
Issue 6
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